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Matai Yoga Intelligent Programming sessions for Mind and Body that assist people who are experiencing chronic stress, anxiety and depression by simply doing and simply being in sessions.  You will be guided and directed in sessions with the correct methodology

In  stresses that the process of letting go has nothing to do with ‘doing’, and everything to do with understanding how to stop ‘doing’.  It’s the essence of awareness, of mindfulness that there is a complete lack of effort and rather a wide-open attuned, listening, feeling totality of existence.

It begins with trying it and practicing it, but it also requires that you believe that this kind of existence is possible for you.

Take your Yoga rehabilitation practice to the next level by letting go in and out of sessions and believing in the higher power residing within you when aiming to tackle the challenges of life.  Letting go of mental and physical challenges will empower you further in and out of sessions enabling more power to flow through you.

Matai Yoga sessions to empower destress and accelerate rehabilitation

Norwood Green Village Hall
Village Street

Matai Yoga
Clayton Village Hall
Reva Syke Road
7:00 – 8:10pm