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Intelligent Programming. Matai Yoga the World’s No.1 Mind Body Format for accelerated performance and spinal strength.

Slow down ageing and extend your career to ACHIEVE so much more in life and your career of choice.

  • Matai Yoga iIntelligent programming for the Pelvic Floor. 
  • Matai Yoga Intelligent programming for the Lumbar spine. 
  • Matai Yoga and Mataip Pilates for the core inclusive of key alignment poses.  
  • Matai Yoga you will slow down ageing and extend life in guided sessions that will increase energy levels, increase cardiac output.
  • Matai Yoga will bring the Mind, Body and Spirit back into balance in line with Universal intelligence.
  • Matai Yoga intelligent programming for rehabilitation and performance.
  • Unfortunately in this fast paced way of living in the west bodies do not perform at optimal levels due to the stress in the kinetic chain from repetitive strain and function. 
  • With Matai Yoga Intelligent programming workshops and sessions you can take time out to regain balance and focus.


I look forward to seeing participants in sessions real soon appropriating cellular intelligence and slowing the ageing process down.